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April 2015

This 84-page issue of ‘Aviation News incorporating Classic Aircraft’ magazine has articles on:

easyJet – Twenty Years Old and Still Growing
With easyJet’s 20th birthday fast approaching, Aviation News Assistant Editor James Ronayne visited the airline to find out how it has changed in that time.

USAF Hercules Gunships
Tom Kaminski chronicles the development of the potent Lockheed Martin AC-130 gunship – from Vietnam veteran to the new AC-130J.

LAX Helicopter Photo Flights: A Different Perspective
Los Angeles has long been a favourite for aviation enthusiasts, but things have now been taken to another level – literally – as Kevin Jackson explains.

Canada’s Starfighters – From Nuclear to Conventional Bombers
Bob McIntyre examines the career of the Starfighter in Canadian service and its changing roles supporting NATO in Europe.

Guppy Giants – Outsize Airlifters
Charles Kennedy tells the story of the Guppy.

Plus more articles and sections including the latest civil, military and heritage aviation news.

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