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September 2014

This 84-page issue of ‘Aviation News incorporating Classic Aircraft’ magazine has articles on:

Concorde: The Fastest Journeys
Tom Allett spoke to retired British Airways Concorde Captains Mike Bannister and Leslie Scott about their record-breaking transatlantic runs.

Harrison Ford: Pilots’ Advocate
Harrison Ford is known to millions as a Hollywood actor, but he is also a keen pilot who owns several different aircraft types. Tyson V Rininger spoke with him about his passion for flying and his efforts to promote aviation.

Sixty Years of the Scooter
Jim Winchester details the career of the A-4 Skyhawk that extends over six decades.

Alaskan Adventure Part 1
John Hume joined a recent Ian Allan Aviation Tours trip to Alaska to see the many propliners still operating in the northern US state.

Plus more articles and sections including the latest civil, military and heritage aviation news.

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