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News: Boeing unveils T-X Entry

Published 22 September 2016, 11:43

Boeing and its partner Saab AB have unveiled their joint entry into the USAF T-X contest to produce the next generation of jet training aircraft. Boeing says the proof of concept aircraft will show the USAF the performance, affordability, and maintainability advantages of their approach.

Boeing T-X is an all-new aircraft and takes advantage of the latest technologies, tools and manufacturing techniques. It is an advanced aircraft designed to evolve as technologies, missions and training needs change. The design is more affordable and flexible than older, existing aircraft.

"Our T-X is real, ready and the right choice for training pilots for generations to come," said Boeing Defense, Space & Security President and CEO Leanne Caret.

The Boeing T-X aircraft has one engine, twin tails, stadium seating and an advanced cockpit with embedded training. The system also offers state-of-the-art ground-based training and a maintenance-friendly design for long-term supportability.

"It’s an honor to build the future of Air Force training," said Saab President and CEO Håkan Buskhe. "We have created the best solution thanks to great cooperation and a clear strategy since day one."

T-X will replace the Air Force’s aging T-38 aircraft. Initial operating capability is planned for 2024.


News: Wizz Air Extends Budapest Operation

Published 16 September 2016, 08:51

Budapest Airport has announced that Wizz Air will be expanding operations from the Hungarian gateway, adding four new destinations and increasing frequencies on existing services. The ultra-low-cost carrier’s (ULCC) expansion will bring an extra 12 departing flights per week, and up to 65,000 additional seats from Budapest during the summer season.

Enhancing existing links to northern Germany, Wizz Air will be reinstating Budapest’s direct route to Hannover, last operated by Eurowings in 2010. Commencing April 10, 2017 the ULCC will be offering a four-times weekly link for the high volume of indirect traffic continually recorded from the region.

Having added Lisbon and Porto to its route network from Budapest during the last 12 months, Wizz Air will be including a twice-weekly service to Faro in its Portuguese destinations from April 1.

With almost 10,000 Hungarian travellers choosing a Norwegian city break last year, Wizz Air will begin a twice-weekly service to Bergen from April 10. Another new connection on Budapest’s route network, the link to the coastal city will also be the ULCC’s first direct flight to Norway from Hungary.

Seeing a rapid increase in the popularity of Italy as a leisure destination, Wizz Air will launch Budapest’s first direct connection to Lamezia Terme on April 12. The link to the Italian city in the Calabria region will complement the carrier’s already served Italian destination of Naples, Bari and Catania.

In addition there will be increased departures each week to two of the home-based airline’s routes launched earlier this year. Having already witnessed high demand on its links to Liverpool and Nice, Wizz Air will be adding an additional weekly service to each route, meaning both will be operated thrice-weekly from next summer.


News: Boeing Store Unveils Unique Aviation Themed Furniture

Published 16 September 2016, 08:32

The Boeing Store Custom Hangar has launched its new collection of handcrafted furniture and accessories made out of actual aviation artefacts from Boeing and its heritage companies.

Offerings include a bench made from a 727-200 jetliner wing slat; a B-17 Flying Fortress propeller blade; and a sleek bar made from the engine of a DC-9/MD-80 airliner.

Buyers and craftspeople for the Custom Hangar climb through aviation boneyards and storage facilities in search of rare artefacts that they refurbish and finish by hand. Each piece is placed in a museum-quality mounting fabricated using authentic materials such as aviation-grade aluminium, steel, and titanium.

Most of the artefacts logged numerous hours of service, gaining a patina that the Custom Hangar craftspeople work to retain. The metal surface of an engine blade from an F-4 Phantom II fighter jet ($90), for example, is naturally discoloured by the high temperatures reached in generating sufficient thrust to propel the jet at speeds up to Mach 2.2. An aluminium window frame ($695) from a 747-100 features lines of rivets that withstood the strain of more than 100,000 hours in the air.

Despite the scarcity of the artefacts, this isn’t an out-of-reach fantasy collection. Pieces range in price from $50 for a specially gift-boxed pen made out of a 747 circuit-breaker tab, to $5,900 for an industrial-chic bench built around a leading-edge slat removed from the wing of a 727-200 jetliner, to $9,500 for a gleaming aluminium and stainless-steel wine bar made from the engine case of a retired DC-9/MD-80 airliner!

The Custom Hangar is often spotlighted on the Boeing Store blog, The Runway (, where Custom Hanger staffers share secrets of the artifacts and their refurbishment.

To get your own piece of aviation history, visit and click Custom Hangar


News: Presidential Helicopter Passes Critical Design Review

Published 15 September 2016, 10:34

Sikorsky’s VH-92A Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program successfully completed its Critical Design Review (CDR) on July 25, signalling that the project is ready to proceed to assembly, test and evaluation